% of our customers enthusiastically recommend us

What About The Other 1%?

We constantly strive for 100% enthusiastic recommendations. When we don't succeed, we ask for feedback and act on it. Some of our recent feedback and what we are doing about it:

Had to refer me to another lawyer.
We are very sorry when this happens. We are working hard, every day, to increase our competencies and be able to solve more legal issues for small businesses. But, some things, like bankruptcy, are going to take some time for us to figure out.

Charged me $200 for something I thought should cost $100.
We try to include as much as we can in the $100 category — and as we get better and build up our knowledge base — we will be able to address more and more issues for $100.

The answer was not very clear.
This one hurts. We are Simplicity Law after all. We try our absolute best to keep things simple and clear and understandable - because our small business customers have told us that's what they want. We will continue to work on making law more simple and understandable. In the meantime, though, there is some complicated stuff out there.