Small business Law Articles

Setting prices for small businesses - avoid legal issues by following these rules Small businesses should avoid price discussions with competitors. Lots of companies are receiving huge fines due to price fixing. Follow these guidelines to stay safe in your small business.
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Don’t Forget To File Your Annual Report Most Colorado businesses are required to file an annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State
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Baseball Manager Tony LaRussa Drops Lawsuit Against Twitter What Small Businesses Can Learn From The Failed Lawsuit
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Small Business Cited by Attorney General for Misleading Customers Small Businesses Should Make Sure To Provide Accurate Costs and Response Times in their Advertisements
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New ruling means non-competition agreements can create bigger problems for small businesses hiring employees from competitors The court’s decision significantly increases the risks associated with hiring employees from competitors.
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What Small Businesses Can Learn From The Supreme Court In The New Haven Firefighter Case Balancing disparate treatment and disparate impact liability under Title VII.
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How Small Businesses Should Draft Contracts to Avoid Litigation Including an alternative dispute resolution clause in your contracts can save time, money, and distraction.
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What Every Small Business Should Know About Securities Laws One of the advantages of a small company is not having to make public disclosures under the securities laws - but there are some important things every small business should know about the securities laws.
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