Small business Law Articles

Small business franchisee loses arbitration decision and franchise rights - court broadly supports arbitrators Binding arbitration is likely to be enforced by courts, except in rare cases. Make sure you are willing to be bound by arbitration rulings when you agree to arbitration clauses.
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Mulligan's Restaurant pays big money for bad actions of supervisor Mulligan's Restaurant in Colorado paid $873,380 in damages to a waitress as a result of a sexual assault by the supervising manager. The manager had a history of prior sexual assaults that the restaurant should have known about. The restaurant's insurance carrier was not responsible for reimbursing any of these damages to the restaurant.
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Reasons Why Every Small Business should be a corporation or an LLC Every small business should carefully consider these reasons for forming a corporation or limited liability company.
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Colorado restaurant (Acqua Pazza) not responsible for injury on public sidewalk next to its building Small businesses in Colorado are not responsible for injuries on public sidewalks next to their buildings if the injuries occur from natural causes (like snow accumulation).
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Should small businesses indemnify directors, officers and managers? Broad indemnification rights for directors, officers, members, managers and employees are common in large companies. Should small businesses also provide this indemnification? In many cases, the answer is no.
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Court Orders Google To Disclose Identity Of Anonymous Blogger New court order helps small business protect themselves from on-line attacks on their business or reputation
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How To Register Your Small Business In Colorado and Comply With Unemployment Tax Requirements Make sure your new business complies with Colorado's recently updated process for opening an unemployment insurance tax account.
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What is a limited liability capital account and what do I do with it? Most new business owners forming an LLC don't understand how to deal with capital accounts. Here is a simple guide to working with capital accounts.
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