Small business Law Articles

How To Avoid Being Held Personally Liable For Your Company’s Debts Failure to observe rules and formalities may result in a court “piercing the corporate veil”
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Restaurants Can Limit Their Liability Through Proper Use of Limited Liability Entities A restaurant is one of the most risky small businesses. Restaurant owners should take steps to protect themselves from these risks.
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How To Enforce Your Trademark Rights Federal trademark registration is an important part of protecting your company’s intellectual property
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Franchise Agreements Control Obligations Between Franchisees and Franchisors Quizno's franchisees brought a claim against Quizno's when their stores failed. They claimed that Quizno's was partly responsible for the stores failing and that Quizno's owed a duty of fair dealing to the franchisees. The court relied upon the franchise agreement to determine that Quizno's owed no duty to the franchisees and did not guarantee business success.
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New F.T.C. Regulations Will Require Bloggers To Disclose Gifts From Advertisers For bloggers reviewing products, the new rules may have a significant impact
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Small Business Is Denied Liquor License For Being Close To A School A Denver restaurant was denied a liquor license because the restaurant was located within 500 feet of a public school.
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Small Business Violates Law By Serving Visibly Intoxicated Customer Corleone’s Restaurant served alcohol on several occasions to a visibly intoxicated person. As a result, they were found in violation of the liquor laws.
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City Cannot Limit Hours That A Small Business May Sell Alcohol A Court rules that Boulder has no authority to limit alcohol consumption at Thunderbird Burgers during certain hours
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