When hiring new employees, make sure to provide all required information to the Colorado Directory of New Hires.
Important Tip

When hiring employees for the first time, businesses take on several new responsibilities.  Among them, businesses are required to submit certain data about each new employee they hire within 20 calendar days of the date of hire or by the employee’s first regularly scheduled payroll following his or her date of hire.  This process is straightforward.  Employers must submit the following information:

About the employee:

-    employee name
-    address
-    social security number
-    date of birth (optional)
-    date of hire (optional)

About the employer:

-    employer name
-    payroll address
-    federal identification number

The report can be submitted in several ways, the easiest of which are either on-line at, or by mailing or faxing either the employee’s W-4 or Colorado’s new hire directory form:  

The address and fax number are:

Colorado State Directory of New Hires
P.O. Box 2920
Denver, CO 80201-2920
Fax: 303-297-2595


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